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How do I build a custom screen?

1. To create a new screen click on the New Screen tab on the top of the screener.

2. On the left side of the screener, there are a number of category headings. Select a category and the data items on the right will change based on the category.

For instance, if you choose "Zacks Rank and Recommendations" as a category, you will see the right side of the page change to show all items that fall under "Zacks Rank and Recommendations".

3. Now let's say that the first item you would like to screen for is stocks that have a current ETF Rank of a #1. First, choose "Top Criteria" under the 'Select a Category' section. You will see 'ETF Rank' in the left 'Select Items' tab. To the right of ETF Rank is a dropdown menu for operator selection. Select "=" operator. To the right of operator dropdown is a dropdown with acceptable values for ETF Rank. Select "1" from the dropdown menu. Then click 'Add'. See Below:

Select Items Section

4. This will produce the number of stocks that have a Zacks Rank of #1 which can be found under the "My Criteria". See below:

My Criteria Section

5. You can refine your search and narrow the number of matches by adding new criteria.

Adding new Criteria

6. You can see that by selecting different criteria, we were able to go from over 985 stocks down to just a few.

Result table

How do I see additional data items after running the screen?

1. After running the screen, you will have the option to choose additional data items that you may want to view for the stocks in result screen.

2. To add additional data items, click on the "Edit View" tab. Choose your additional data items and then click the "Run Screen" tab. Keep in mind, the original data items you used in your criteria will all be added to your Result automatically.

How do I save the custom screen for future use?

In order to save a screen, you must be registered with You can quickly register by following the registration process once you click on "Save" in Result tab.

If you have already registered for a free account, make sure you login in order to save. Click on “Save” button to save screen.

To retrieve these saved screens for future use, log into the screener and access "My Screens" tab. You will see list of all saved screens. To view them, simply click on "Run" button next to the name of the screen and your saved screen will then open up results that pass your screening criteria.

Why can't I get access data labeled Zacks Premium

The Zacks Rank, Zacks Industry Rank and Zacks Equity Research Recommendations are available only to Zacks Premium subscribers. Zacks Premium is a subscription service offered by

You can learn more about the Zacks Rank and Recommendations at

How do I change the criteria and/or edit the report in my saved custom screen?

If you are in Result tab and would like to change the criteria by which you screened, click on "Edit Criteria" tab.

To view and edit criteria for saved screen listed in “My Screen’ tab, click the "Load" button.

Do you need a more powerful screening application?

Try the Research Wizard at It has over 650 data elements, built-in strategies, backtesting, special reports and much more. A free trial is available here.

How can I contact customer support for additional questions?

You can contact customer support at 1.800.767.3771 x9337 (outside the US - 1.312.265.9337 ) or by email at

Run a screen to view result.